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will Mika follow The Darkness?

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1 will Mika follow The Darkness? on Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:32 pm


will mika last? that's the second "one million dollars" question...so, many people say he wont, that mika is like a popsickle multicoloured and refreshing but soon sirupy and sticky....so wat u think??...

a blog i found:

"if his second album is anything like his first one, then nobody will be able to muster any enthusiasm for it. I predicted that it would happen to The Darkness and Iím predicting it again now. Not with 100% certainty, I hasten to add, because his next album could be brilliant, but Life In Cartoon Motion fits neatly into a certain pattern.

Ben Folds is brilliant, and a genius. Mika, however, is not."

and that's so tru@ the darkness, i remeber them, (see i had forgotten them!!!) wat do you really think the second album will be like?? will mika last? can you loose that "special thing" ?

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2 Re: will Mika follow The Darkness? on Fri Mar 28, 2008 2:52 pm


I have often felt that Mika right now is at his peak, or at least he was a few months ago. So many talented, brilliant musicians fade away and out, and I really do think this will happen to Mika. Of course he is still going to have his dedicated fans, but the radio airplay will diminish and he will not be as popular anymore.

I do find this sad when I think of it as I think he is a very talented young man. I hope that I get proven wrong!

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3 Re: will Mika follow The Darkness? on Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:24 am

He may. One album doesn't make a career.
Justin from the Darkness entered a song into UKs song for Europe contest last year, he didn't win it and had a major strop and flounced off camera.
Sign of things to come for Mika? watsonbaiba

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