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MFC or Mika Fuck Craving

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1 MFC or Mika Fuck Craving on Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:53 am


hello lurkers tongue

People there are people over 25 who just want a good fuck from their idol, none of them actually care about his music and even less about mika´s writing...

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2 wow... on Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:38 pm

Wow.. Shocked Some1s Angry... :D



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3 Re: MFC or Mika Fuck Craving on Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:16 am


btw I stumbled upon this
guess she joined the MFC also :lol:
...why the frenchies are SO horny bout a femalelikewithoutbulgelooking guy? Coz Mika speaks french? Shocked pig lol!

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4 Re: MFC or Mika Fuck Craving on Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:47 am


this is quite lame but unfortunately this is more true than ever...

in reaction to to that and as a caricature of their posts, i wrote
this to express myself...of course it has been deleted, though
they use the word threesome regurlarly and though they talk about
mika dying of aids because of course...guess what...

so we all see rudeness in a different way

so here is the deleted post, it was a false mesage online for mika, this is total irony, you have to know what happened on the thread to understand it though

anyway here it is:

well, dear mika, i thought you didnt read this blog since you were in one of the most fabulous place in the world with your loving family and your boy(girl)friend, but people here told me that instead of going out having a walk, a dive or a drink or dancing like mad in the sky bar drinking whiskeygreenteas you were locked into you hotelroom blogging and reading the MFC, so as titania did , i also would like to write you a short message. if you dont mind.

i might not be as creative as all the creative and interesting and music lovers that are the MFCers but i just had an idea for your next concert, since everyone told me that your blogs were actually made to turn us on, at first i didnt want to believe it, of course not, but they proved it to me by a+b, bit by bit and now i have to admit that ive been quite naive, Ô you little fool!! they told me all.. the HARD ON IT signal at your gigs and so on SO here is my idea, dont laugh please, thats actually a concept, do you remember how to do the highest of the highest notes??well, the idea is the same: no sound. yes, no sound, no music or eventually i want you sex from g michael as a background , then everyone would be in file and you would shag us one by one or maybe what about creating a glory hole? thats even more fun , you wouldnt know who you are shagging , how kool! i mean you ahve to understand that the price of the tickets today for a concert are just insane and that....i mean do you think that we were really travelling all around the world only for your music???Come on! We are like you you know, only sex matters to us! LOL, (oh sorry i forgot you say haha now because you read the mfc and they wanted you to say haha and you did it, so sweet of you btw) ok so i continue... i was saying that at the end we all want the same , you and us: SEX. so please think about my concept, id really go for a glory hole, wat you think hard candy? there would be a big multicoloured cardboard box on stage with painted drawings of cactus, bunnies fucking(yes i know you already used that, we ll have to find something new), snakes etc.

Please think of it because sex is the only thing that makes sense! the rest is only *ullshit, art and stuff you know,lol, forget about it and you dont have to pretend with us you know, you dont have to post those arty pics on your blogs, because it bores us to death ;) just like you probably, but thats ok, we all know thats a cover for the rest of the world, we are clever, we got it ;), we are like you!!!

so...thanks again for the mud thing, you are such a tease, well done!!
anyway hope to sex you very soon and i cant wait to hear your voice in a note that ive never heard before, if you get what i mean haha

xxx or 8=== more likely ;)

pamela travers

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